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Savage Storms


MAKAYLA and MAKENZIE are out to wreck havoc! Making moves with a whole new team behind them, the twins touched down in Atlanta, ready to put the city on lock. But things get dicey when other members resent women being part of the squad.

Meanwhile, PHANTOM has his eye on MaKenzie, and KHOAS is enraptured with Makayla, but they'll have to step up their game in order to bag the twins, who are bosses in their own right. When business and pleasure mix, will things work better? Or will they explode and destroy everything that is being built?

Unexpected events threaten to split up the team, while drama, jealousy, lust, hate and treachery cause SAVAGE STORMS to arise. Will the twins make it out of this deadly cacophony? Or will these Female Heavy-Hittas finally encounter men that they can't outwit?

Savage Storms 2

Hidden Agendas

As the twins settle back in Atlanta after fighting for what’s right in Minneapolis, they had to gear up to fight their own unexpected battles. MAKENZIE and MAKAYLA have their eyes on the snakes that’s slithering inside of the crew and HEAT is leading the pack. With his feelings guiding his judgement, Heat isn’t making the right calls for the team and his empire is crumbling. Can the girls help get him refocused? Or is it too little too late?

When SCONY delivers devastating news and hidden agendas are revealed, PHANTOM and KHAOS are right by the twins' sides. Although MaKenzie is still fighting Phantom’s advances, it doesn’t stop him from getting in the ring to fight alongside of her. But is he fighting a losing battle?

Amidst the SAVAGE STORMS that blow their way, threatening to break bonds, the twins will give up pieces of their hearts that may never be regained. In spite of the love and challenges that are won, lost or betrayed, they will continue to paint the city red as they pursue their ultimate goal.

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