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Stole My Heart 


In the windy city of Chicago, Illinois, NOVA can't seem to catch a break. Tragedy and heartbreak follow her like a dark cloud blocking out the sunshine she so desperately seeks.

After her ex boyfriend's abusive ways and infidelities leave her shattered, the last thing she is looking for is love. But, when her beauty and sexiness catches the eye of a handsome and distinguished thug named G, nothing can stop her from falling head over heels for the refined bad boy.

But trouble looms over them in the form of Nova's ex man, who refuses to let go of what they had. Will Nova lose G's love because of a past she can't escape? Or will G's love prove to be a strong as his hustle?

Sparks, bullets, and accusations fly non-stop in the drama-filled urban romance... A DISTINGUISHED THUG STOLE MY HEART.

G & Nova


Stole My Heart  2:


Just when life is looking wonderful, and NOVA has found the perfect love in G, a very distinguished thug, KELVIN, Nova's ex boyfriend decides to turn her happy world upside down.

If Nova folds to her ex's treachery, everything she's gained will be loss and maybe even her life. Giving up isn't an option, though. Nova must survive for her baby. But when a certain event turns her into a totally different person, everyone involved will feel her wrath.

G, who's usually cool, calm, but gangsta, is going crazy trying to find Nova when she disappears under suspicious circumstances.

Determined to find his woman and obliterate those who snatched her up, G shows that he's still a thug at heart, especially when it comes to the woman he loves.

On Edge (Volume Two)


Stole My Heart  3:

Love Conquers All

With SCONY down, KELVIN thinks his worries are over if he can outrun the notorious Goon Squad. But he will have to think again or his overconfidence just might cost him greatly.

MAKENZIE, MAKAYLA and NICASSY are on a rampage. They are out to get justice for their brother and they won’t stop until it is served, by any means necessary.

Meanwhile, NOVA is fighting demons from the grave. She is hiding a secret from G that will test the immense love he has for her. Will the ghost of Nova’s past weaken her to a point of no return? Or will she stand strong and fight back?

AVAH remains determined to sink her lustful claws into G again, and destroy his and Nova's happy home. Will her second attempt to regain his affection bear fruit? Or will G stand by the woman who's love for him outweighs her imperfect past?

Love conquers all, except a perfectly placed bullet as A DISTINGUISHED THUG STOLE MY HEART 3 skids to a jaw-dropping conclusion.

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