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Savage Storms 3: Eye of the Storm


The Twins are back to take you on the final showdown in this series. If you haven’t read about MaKenzie (Storm) & MaKayla (Kane) catch up because Part 3 is coming sooner than u think.

Savage Storms 3: Eye of the Storm

Coming Soon

Chapter 3


Watching Tiffany leave her bum ass out of my driveway, it took everything in me not to give her that money. There was no way in hell I would do such a thing to a child. When I went into the guest bedroom, I contemplated calling the police to come lock her ass up, but that wasn’t my business. No matter where she went, Phantom was going to find her. I was going to be waiting for the breaking news segment when her body was found and I was going to keep my mouth closed because I didn’t know shit.

She pissed me off and I didn’t get a chance to tell her about Heat’s muthafuckin’ ass. I hadn’t seen him in damn near three weeks and didn’t know what the hell was going on with him. Heat’s claim to leave town for business wasn’t sitting well with me because he had never left for weeks at a time. When I called his phone the last couple times, he let the voicemail pick up and that was unusual too.

I’d heard in passing that he was responsible for a nigga name Brando being dead and skipped town. The Heat I knew, the man I fell in love with, would never run from a muthafuckin’ thing. I was going to give him time to get his shit together and let him do what he had to do. But whenever I was in close proximities of his ass, I was going all in.

As I headed up the stairs to my bedroom, the doorbell rang halting my steps. No one ever came to my home unannounced and it couldn’t have been Tiff because I saw her drive away. Since learning of the shit Heat could be involved in, I was very leery about many things that went on around me. The doorbell sounded a second time as I slowly made my way to the door. There was a silhouette of a gentleman on the other side and I had no clue who he could’ve been.

“I’m sorry if I startled you,” the unknown man spoke to me through the door. He could see me standing in view through the square piece of thick glass in the door. “I’m lost and would love if you allow me to use your phone.

I’d seen this very scene played too many times on the Investigation Discovery Channel. The female was always found deceased or missing. Nope, I wasn’t falling for that shit.

“We live in the times where everybody has some type of cellphone. I’m not comfortable allowing a complete stranger in my home. I won’t be able to help you, Sir.” My voiced quaked a little bit and I hoped like hell he didn’t pick up on it.

“Baby girl, my cellphone died. Yes, I am in a vehicle, but I forgot my charger back home. I’m not a serial killer, rapist, or none of that other shit. My name is Savon Cole. I live 2351 Campus Way North in Lanham, Maryland. I’m here in Atlanta on business. I am a lawyer and I’m scheduled to meet up with a client’s family. I just need to use a phone, Ma’am.”

Maybe he was truly lost. Nobody would give their whole name and address if they were on bullshit, right? I peeked out the side window and damn near saturated my pants with my juices. Mr. Savon was fine. He was dressed in a gray business suit with a rose gold tie that accentuated the pale pink shirt that hugged the muscles of his chest. The waves in his head were making me nauseous as he glanced down at his watch. I envisioned running my hand over them while pushing his head deep into my love box. Those thoughts alone had me twisting the locks to let him use my phone.

“Don’t make me regret my decision. I’m going to let you come in, please don’t try anything because I will light your ass up.”

Knowing I was lying my ass off, I had to chuckle a little when he smiled showing the whitest teeth, I’d ever seen outside of a toothpaste commercial. I stepped to the side so he could enter. The way his junk was on display in the front of his slacks almost had my tongue wagging like a thirsty puppy.

Savon cleared his throat, snapping me out of the trance I’d slipped into. “Um, your phone, please,” he said adjusting his dick without shame.

“Oh, yeah. You can have a seat in here.” Leading the way to the living room, I motioned for him to sit on the couch. “I have to go into the other room to grab my phone. Don’t touch anything and everything will be cool.”

“I don’t need to take anything from you or anyone else. As a matter of fact,” he sighed standing to his feet. “Here’s a little something for your trouble.”

Savon pulled money from his pocket, peeled off a few bills, and handed them to me. I looked down at the money and shook my head no before walking away from him. I didn’t need his money in order for him to use a phone I had unlimited everything on. After checking the kitchen, I remembered I left my phone upstairs in my bedroom when I finished talking to Tiffany.

My hormones were telling me to change into something comfortable, but my mind was screaming bitch don’t you dare! He may still be a murderer. I had to go with my mind because I wasn’t into that hoe shit anymore. At least I wasn’t, but my yoni was thinking of a master plan with her freaky ass. Instead, I hurriedly grabbed my phone and headed back downstairs to the stranger that was in my house.

A man of his word, Savon was seated in the same spot I left him. He glanced up at the sound of me descending the steps. Damn he’s fine! I said to myself. The woman in his life is one lucky bitch.

“Here you go.” Holding out the phone for him to take. Our fingers slightly touched and an electrical current traveled up my arm.

“Thank you. I know I may be asking for a little too much, but would it be possible for me to use your restroom? I’ve been driving for quite some time today.”

“Sure. There’s one down that hall,” I pointed. “And it will be on the right.”

Savon nodded as he followed my directions and I watched every step he took. He’d taken my phone with him and I rushed behind him but he had already closed the door to take care of his business. “Hopefully, he wasn’t the messy type. I have all types of pussy shots in that damn phone,” I mumbled to myself.

Walking into the kitchen, I started prepping the chicken I had took out earlier for the fajitas I craved for dinner. Periodically I would check the time on the microwave because Mr. Sexy hadn’t come out of the bathroom. Just as I was about to go knock on the door to make sure he didn’t fall in; he rounded the corner.

“Sorry I took so long. Do you by chance have a notepad and a pen so I can copy the directions to my client’s mother’s house?”

“Sure.” Reaching into what I called my junk drawer, I handed him the paper and pen he requested. “Are you finished with my phone?”

“I kind of put the information in your notes. Soon as I copy the information, I’ll be good as finished.” Savon scribbled away as I looked on. “Do you have any idea of an Apple Store close by?” He asked handing over my phone. “There’s no way I’ll be able to function without my phone for three days. By the way, sorry for interrupting your time.”

“Stop apologizing. It’s alright. I’m glad I was able to help you out. I won’t lie, I was scared as hell to even allow you inside. So much is happening in the world, you know? Can’t trust everybody. It’s good to know you’re not a killer.” Savon licked his lips while scanning my body from the top of my head to my camel toe. The leggings I wore left nothing to the imagination.

“Nah, I don’t have a violent bone in my body. Hurting women is not my forte. Now, I’ll slay pussy without thought.”

That last sentence had me blushing like a school girl with a crush. I walked out of the kitchen to get away from the advance he was hoping I caught. Returning a few seconds later, I handed him an extra charger and adapter I had. Placing it in his hand, I went back to cutting up the chicken I’d left on the counter.

“You can take that with you. No need for you to wander around blindly trying to find a store without GPS.”

“Are you sure? I can pay for this?”

“No. I’ll be alright without it. I appreciate the gesture, though.” I smiled as I put the chicken on the skillet.

“Well, I’ve taken up enough of your time, Miss—”

“Summer. My name is Summer.” There I was blushing again.

“I was wondering,” he paused as he licked those pink succulent lips of his. “Can I have the pleasure of taking you out for dinner tomorrow night? Maybe you can show me around your city.”

I didn’t know anything about this man and he was ready to take me out. Too bad I couldn’t accept his offer. As bad as I wanted to say yes, there was no way I could lead him on in that way. Heat was still a factor in my life even though he had been missing in action and nowhere to be found.

Savon waited patiently for my response. Heat said many things to let me know he wasn’t ready for a relationship, but my loyalty was solid even if I didn’t get it in return. That’s the type of woman I was. When I was with someone, I was all in regardless of the circumstances.

“Thanks, but I’ll have to decline. I have a man—”

“Fuck yo’ man, Ma. That nigga don’t have shit to do with me. I’ve been in your crib damn near an hour and yo’ man hasn’t called, text, nor walked through that door.”

Dressed in a suit and tie, with his Gucci Vanilla cologne saturating my nostrils, Savon went straight hood on my ass. It let me know he used to be in the streets at some point of his life and it turned me on. The seat of my leggings was drenched. My hand went to my neck as I clutched my imaginary pearls.

“I’m not trying to be your man; yet. All I want to do is get to know the beautiful woman that saved the day for a straggler like myself. Plus, I’ve never been to Atlanta before today. I won’t ask again though. In fact, be ready at seven o’clock sharp. Get sexy for me, okay?” He winked and saw himself out.

A bitch was stuck in the same spot long after his fine ass left my house. He didn’t say anything else after he laid down law about dinner the next night. I’d never had a nigga command me to do anything, not even Heat. Savon had me mentally going through my closet for something to wear. Even though I kept telling myself I wasn’t going with him.

As I locked the door, I turned to head back into the kitchen when I spotted the money on the coffee table. At first, I just stared at it, but then I picked it up and thumbed through the bills. There were ten crisps one-hundred-dollar bills in my hand. Yeah, Savon will see me for dinner at seven o’clock on the dot for sure.

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